If you’re like most iPhone users, you probably love the feel of your phone’s haptic feedback when you touch the screen. But like all things in life, there are a few things you can do to turn off this feature if it’s not something that you use or enjoy. Read on to learn how to do just that!

How to Turn Off Haptic Feedback on an iPhone XS Max

If you’re not a fan of the haptic feedback that iPhone XS Max provides when you press the screen or hold down the side buttons, there’s a way to turn it off. Here’s how:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone XS Max.

2. On the main Settings screen, scroll down and tap on Display & Sounds.

3. Under “Haptic feedback,” choose “None” to turn off all haptic feedback.

4. If you only want to turn off feedback for side button presses, tap on “Side button only.” Then choose whether you want haptic feedback for double-tapping on the side buttons (for example, to zoom in or out) or just single-tapping. Finally, choose “Off” to disable it.

What are the Different Haptic Feedback Modes on an iPhone XS Max?

If you’re looking to turn off haptic feedback on your iPhone XS Max, there are a few different options available.
First, open the Settings app and scroll down to General. Under “Accessibility,” you’ll find a setting labeled “Haptic Feedback.” To turn off haptic feedback completely, toggle the switch to OFF.
Alternatively, you can also adjust the level of haptic feedback by choosing one of the three levels below. Level 1 is the least detectable and provides minimal feedback when you touch or tap something on your screen. Level 2 is slightly more noticeable, but still not as pronounced as levels 3 and 4. Level 3 is the most noticeable and will make you feel like you’re actually touching the screen.
Finally, if you’d like to temporarily disable haptic feedback while using an app, simply press and hold on the app’s screen until it icon changes color and then releases it. This will temporarily disable haptic feedback for that app only.

How to Disable Haptic Feedback for Specific Apps

Haptic feedback is a feature on many devices that makes it feel like you’re touching or tapping something. Many people find it helpful because it provides feedback about when you’re interacting with the device.

However, some people may not want haptic feedback for various reasons. For example, if you have a disability that prevents you from feeling physical touch, you may want to disable haptic feedback for specific apps. You can also disable haptic feedback on the iPhone XS Max using the Settings app.

To disable haptic feedback for an app:
1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone XS Max.
2. Tap General.
3. Tap Accessibility.
4. Under Haptic Feedback, turn off the app you want to disable haptic feedback for.


If you’re like most iPhone XS Max owners, you probably enjoy the immersive feeling that comes with having a powerful phone. However, there may be times when you don’t want haptic feedback activated, such as when you’re trying to sleep or use your device in quiet settings. In this article, we’ll show you how to turn off haptic feedback on an iPhone XS Max.

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